Is Star Wars Land coming to Disney’s California Adventure?

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LucasFilm and Disney have long been BFFs when it comes to theme park attractions. Long ago, George Lucas said the only people he trusts with theme park attractions based on his properties is Disney. That’s why we have the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland and Star Tours (based off Star Wars).

DHS-09-16165 SWW Airport Duratrans_Grievous_ETB.indd

And more recently we’ve gotten Star Wars Weekends, where Star Wars fans can gather and celebrate the franchise yearly. Is a Star Wars Land really all that hard to believe? No, no it isn’t. And it looks like Disney is seriously considering starting that train up (if they already haven’t). And really, if they’re willing to make an Avatar Land in Florida, a Star Wars Land is a no brainer.

The people at Disney forum MiceChat have reported getting surveys from Disney Parks asking about whether they’d be down for a Star Wars Land (who would say no?). Here are some of the tweets to the survey.

The questions are asking people how familiar they are with the series and which trilogy they prefer. Hmm, I wonder if they could be wondering what to focus on for future attractions, shows and costumes? HMM.

And why do I say Disney’s California Adventure? Because it makes the most sense. The surveys are asking whether people would like to see Star Wars Land at Disneyland Resort. Disneyland itself is already packed to the brim and has little room for expansion unless they tear something down. The only place they could tear down would be Tomorrowland, but there’s no way they get rid of that place.

However, California Adventure still has room to expand. LucasFilm is based in California so what better way to celebrate your newest acquisition than to celebrate their culture with a Star Wars Land? Also, a potential Star Wars Land could bridge from the Hollywood section in California Adventure.

As for what a Star Wars Land could mean? It could mean anything. Will it all be based on one land, like a Hoth or Endor? Or could it be a mix of different Star Wars locales? Would there be a giant Death Star? An X-Wing roller coaster? Battle of Hoth dark ride? The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see this happen. [via /Film]

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