Is Project X based on Australian Party Guy?

In 2008, Corey Worthington invited over 500 people to a party and the results were disastrous. They caused $20,000 in damage and the police had to send in the dogs to break up the party.

Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s what Project X is about. It’s a party that got out of hand. Australian Party Guy, as Worthington is known, became a viral sensation on YouTube. So it’s hard not to imagine that the film was partly inspired by his exploits.

The viral sensation comes from an interview he did in 2008 after the party. He admits he wasn’t thinking, he isn’t remorseful at all and he ignored calls from his parents. Oh, and he wouldn’t take off his sunglasses. It’s all a part of his look. You’d think Todd Phillips and crew would adopt this guy’s persona for the film, but I guess he was too out there. After all, characters have to be believable for a movie audience. [Thanks Thomas!]


  • Dickson

    awesome movie

  • ProjectXUSA

    Australia sucks dick

  • Cat

    Partly inspired? This interview is identical to the last scene of the movie!

  • DatUSAguy

    lol at ProjectXUSA what a fuck head everyone loves australia