Is Indy a believer? Read Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones script notes

The good people over at Badass Digest have dug up a Live Journal that’s hosting some pictures of Harrison Ford’s copy of the Raiders of the Lost Ark script. And it’s awesome.

We often credit scriptwriters with scripts for films and directors for all that visual stuff, but we forget about the stuff that other people contribute. Actor’s don’t just read the script and act. They read over their scripts and make suggestions about their characters. After all, it’s them that has to pretend to be a completely different person.


My favorite piece is Ford’s note when Indy says “…the power of god.” He simply notes, in all-cap chicken scratch, “IMP – IS INDY A BELIEVER?” and later asks where in the Bible a quote is from. In other parts of the script, Ford mentions that a line is too “scripty” and that something that Indy says is way too “Solo-ish,” referring to that other character of his. Also, some hilarity: Ford crosses out a line where Indy says “Most certainly” with an annoyed “oh please.” Yes, this is genius.

In fact, Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci points out that Indy’s speech during the post-credit sequence is written on the back of the script. Isn’t that just amazing? Well, it is. In fact, it’s so amazing that a collector paid $100,000 for the entire thing.

You can head over to the Liva Journal to check out the rest of Ford’s annotations. [via Badass Digest]

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