Iron Man 3 is Going to Become the First 4DX Film to Play in Japan


The 4DX format has been around for a while in South America, Mexico, South Korea and other Asian countries. And before that, you’ll likely have some experience with a 4D movie at theme parks. You know, like at Disneyland where you watch A Bug’s Life and there are (fake) insects under your seat and wind jets fly in your face?

Well, Iron Man 3 is getting the same treatment in Japan. The movie will play to audiences in a theater that has tilting seats, wind jets, fog and odor effects, strobe lights and something that can drop bubbles down onto an audience.


That kind of experience can be fun during a quick 20 minute Disney attraction, but a 2-hour movie seems to be pushing it. It’s essentially a 2-hour ride. I can’t imagine any ride that would be fun for 2 straight hours. Wouldn’t things get tiring after a while?

Anyway, it doesn’t come cheap. Average ticket prices in Japan right now are about $12. Theater-goers who want to see 4DX Iron Man 3D will have to pay an extra $13 to see it in 3D and $10 to see it in 2D. Is it worth it? I’m not sure, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it.

It seems like another gimmick to get more people into theaters. And I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy this stuff. After all there’s a reason Disney and Universal put 4D rides into their amusement parks. But again – 2 hours of it seems like overkill.

The technology is coming to the United States by the end of the year, and the company behind the technology says they want to have it installed in 200 theaters by 2015. Just in time for Star Wars Episode VII and The Avengers 2. [THR]

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