Hours Trailer – Paul Walker in a good looking drama?

Paul Walker is easy to hate on. Like when news broke that he’s going to star in a Hitman movie. He can, once in a while, deliver a good movie. For instance, in 2006 Walker made a good little mob movie called Running Scared. He basically had to protect his kid and his kids friend, who were witnesses to a mob hit. It was great!

And now it looks like Walker may have another good one coming out: Hours. Walker plays a man who loses his wife during the birth of his child. Unfortunately, a hurricane comes at the same time. The hospital his kid is at loses power. Here’s the thing: his baby is hooked up to a machine that’s keeping it alive until it can breath on its own. It’s running out of power and Walker has to keep it going manually.

There’s a lot of drama here, and Walker looks to be doing a decent to good job. This one will need a good script as time stuff can get messy from time to time. Especially when it’s an infant that needs power every couple of hours/minutes so it doesn’t die.

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