Here’s your first look at Bruce Willis and Jai Courney as father and son in Die Hard 5


A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth Die Hard film so to add a nice little wrinkle to the proceedings the filmmakers decided to give John McClane a son. It was recently learned that Jai Courtney, who played Spartacus’ BFF on the first season of the Starz show, will be playing his son.

Now we have the first official picture of them together. Now this isn’t from the film itself, it’s actually from the screen test for the casting of McClane’s son. This is what won Courtney the part, he looks damn good as McClane’s son. Look at them! Like father like son! Bald heads. Dark jackets on dark shirts with jeans. It’s a match made in heaven.

A Good Day to Die Hard will arrive in theaters Valentine’s Day 2013. See, it’s going to be romantic. [Collider via]

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