GAME OF THRONES Star Emilia Clarke Will Play Sarah Connor In TERMINATOR: GENESIS



It’s official: Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, known as Khaleesi by people who don’t know her real name, will be re-teaming with Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World director for Terminator: Genesis, the Terminator reboot from super producer Megan Ellison.

Deadline has the report, mentioning that the story involves a twist on the Terminator formula: it involves traveling into the future. That sounds pretty crazy. Perhaps Jason Clarke’s John Connor brings his mother and the little him into the future? Who knows, but this project keeps getting more interesting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also reported to be taking up his classic Terminator role, but that’s not as interesting and whatever this movie is going to be.

We’ve got the first major piece: Clarke, a young and talented actress in a franchise movie from a producer that values artists telling the stories they want to. Getting Jason Clarke in tow will be another talented piece of the puzzle.

If there’s one thing for certain here it’s that Ellison and Taylor have a plan for Terminator and know what they want to do and are doing it quickly and efficiently. That’s far more than you can say for big studios who are trying to put together their own franchises, like Sony with Spider-Man and WB with DC. Whatever Ellison is building here, it looks like it’s getting good. [Deadline]

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