Fun rumor speculation: Is Venom in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

The Internet has gone crazy today. Why? Well, Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb has been tweetin’ like … like a director dropping hints. And he tweeted this.


Let’s break it down. Or, not break it down. Let’s speculate like a crazy fan who’s kind of on to something but also looking into things way too much. Maybe.

Anyway, in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics locker 14 is where the symbiote is held. It’s created by Peter Parker’s father – Richard Parker – and his scientist parter Eddie Brick. Yes, Eddie Brock. The symbiote was  originally intended to cure cancer. Instead, it turns you into a hulking spider-venom thing and an asshole.

Both creators die and their children, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock jr., discover the symbiote. It bonds with Brock and – voila – Venom is born. This version of Venom mirrors the version that Sam Raimi kinda tried to make in Spider-Man 3. There, Brock was a mirror of Parker. Both were photo journalists and both looked similar – one being in a black venom suit and one being Spider-Man.


But here’s the other part. The #happybirthday? February 6, when the tweet was tweeted, is the birthday of actor Dane DeHaan, who is playing Harry Osborn. The speculation here is that Osborn is going to play Venom rather than Brock. And that Osborn and Parker duel once Parker eventually fully turns against Norman Osborn.

Is getting rid of Eddie Brock a big deal? No. This is also a neat wrinkle in a movie a lot of people felt was too similar to the original Spider-Man movie (like James Franco).

And then there’s the big question. Will Venom be in Amazing Spider-Man 2? Probably not. We already have Electro and, by most reports, Paul Giamatti’s The Rhino. Why do we need a third villain? That’s what downed Spider-Man 3.

Instead, if there’s anything to this at all, expect Venom as the main villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. And hopefully, if they do go through with this, it’s the Venom we deserve.



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