For $200 you can experience a zombie apocalypse like in Dawn of the Dead

Do you have your zombie apocalypse kit ready to go? Have you thought about what the perfect place to retreat to is in case of a zombie outbreak? Do you walk into a Wal-Mart and think “OK, this place could be good for a zombie outbreak?”

If you do, then you better get to England quick. A group there has transformed an abandoned shopping mall into a house of horrors filled with zombies. You’re plopped into the mall for three hours and have to survive. What do you do? You have to battle them (likely with foam weapons cause they’re all actors). You also have video game-style quests you must complete.

If you’ve dreamed of killing zombie after zombie then this is your chance. You’ll have to act quickly though as they’re going to demolish the mall. Watch the video for more details. [Wish.Co.Uk via Tecca]