First Ender’s Game Poster Shows Off Battle Room


Orson Scott Card has always been protective of the film rights to his popular novel Ender’s Game. Since the 1980s and 90s, Card has had many opportunities to sell the rights and allow Hollywood to turn it into a science fiction blockbuster, but creative differences have kept it from appearing on celluloid.

In 2009 Card finally got together a script he was happy with with a partner he was pleased to work with and things began to fall into place. And now, in 2013, we will get an Ender’s Game movie from Oscar-winning director Gavin Hood (he made foreign film Tsotsi and then X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

The movie is coming later this year on November 1 and stars Asa Butterfield as Ender, Abigail Breslin as Valentine, Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff, Ben Kingsley as Mazer, Hailee Steinfeld as Petra and Viola Davis as Major Anderson. The film takes place 70 years after a horrific alien war, so a young gifted boy named Ender is sent to an advanced military school to prepare for a future invasion.

And now we have the first poster for the film. It shows off the famous zero gravity Battle Room, where two armies of kids can essentially play a giant, epic game of laser tag or paintball – but with no gravity.


Hood’s last effort wasn’t great but he’s certainly a talented director. If the script is as good as it can be then this film could be something special. Although we haven’t seen any footage so it could also be a disaster. Really, you might as well flip a coin and see what happens. [via Yahoo!]

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