Enjoy Your Friday With Three Great New Mickey Mouse Shorts



I’ve enjoyed the last two new Mickey Mouse shorts that Disney has released, No Service and Croissant de Triomphe¬†so I’m pretty stoked to see that Disney has released three more in the past week or so.

First up is Yodelberg, which has Mickey and Minnie yodeling together (aww) until an avalanche threatens to stop their fun. There are a bunch of noisy events happening around this mountain that Mickey has to try to stop before they trigger the avalanche. It’s pretty fun and even houses a couple Matterhorn easter eggs.

Yodelberg on Disney Video

Then we’ve got New York Weenie, which has Minnie and Mickey strolling through Central Park in New York City. Minnie gets real hungry so Mickey goes to get her a hot dog with extra mustard. Of course, the hot dog goes off on its own and Mickey has to brave Central Park to bring the hot dog back to his love. It’s in this one that we see a frustrated and crazed Mickey. Why crazed? Because he can’t get the hot dog!

New York Weenie on Disney Video

Finally, we have Tokyo Go. This one has Mickey take the wrong bullet train in Tokyo and he has to get to the right one so he can get to work. This one actually resembles some of the train sequences in The Lone Ranger, but only because it’s a guy jumping on and in between trains. Also, keep an eye out for the portrait of Walt on a train at the end.

Tokyo Go on Disney Video

What strikes me about these new Mickey Mouse shorts is that they bring back the mischievous side of the character that we all fell in love with. People forget this, but Mickey was always a trouble maker. He gets himself in these crazy situations and is able to get out of them with his wits. That’s what these shorts bring back and that’s quite wonderful. Although I do understand some of the complaints as some of the directing and animation tendencies do seem inspired by Ren and Stimpy.

Overall, it’s wonderful to see the House of Mouse bring back the mouse. Every short makes me even more excited for Get a Horse, which is the lost Mickey short featuring the voice of Walt Disney himself that will play before Frozen in November.

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