ENDER’S GAME Trailer: Academy Award Nominees In A Space Movie Based On A Book

Ender’s Game is a movie that’s long been in development. It’s finally coming out in 2013 and it looks… underwhelming. That zero gravity room sure looks awesome but the rest of it is kind of bland. It looks, or feels, like Hunger Games in the sky.

We do learn about the movie though. Ender is a special kid that could change the course of a war and save humanity. NO PRESSURE, KID! I can tell why they’re pimping out the actors in this first trailer though: they don’t really want to show anything, so they show a bunch of actors delivering lines while also going: woah, that was good huh? Well she is an Academy Award Nominee so what did you expect? This movie will have fantastic acting! PLEASE COME!

If I didn’t know this were based on a fantastic novel I wouldn’t spare it a thought. It’s that bland of a trailer. However, the whole Ender’s Game thing and the talented cast still has me intrigued, but I’m not holding my breath.

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