Disney debuts new, adorable 2D Mickey Mouse short films


Last summer I took a trip to Disneyland and came across Main Street Cinema. My friends and I ventured in and found a treasure trove of classic Mickey Mouse shorts like Steamboat Willie. Since it was hot outside, we decided to sit in and enjoy the shorts – all of them.

It reminded me of how adorable those old shorts were, and how their simpleness was sweet. Heck, they held up amazingly well.


Today, Disney has announced a series of new shorts – 19 of them – that will begin rolling out on June 28 on Disney Channel, Disney.com and the Watch Disney Channel app. If you don’t want to wait, Disney has debuted the first of the shorts, Croissant de Triomphe. You can watch it here. It’s not embeddable, sorry. (UPDATE: It’s made its way onto YouTube, below)

These shorts have a more contemporary art style, but nothing too flashy thank God, and take place in real world locales like Santa Monica, Paris, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Venice and the Alps. Based on this first one, which is in French, I’m guessing the rest are in native languages and will roll out globally.

But really, you don’t need to know the languages to enjoy these. They harken back to old Disney animation. You know, with charm and humor that appeals to all ages. If this doesn’t get you smiling then I truly apologize. [Disney Blog]



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