Disney created Wreck-It Ralph’s Sugar Rush models out of real candy

Sometimes when you’re making a movie you’ve got to make little models of environments so directors and other filmmakers can play around in the world visually and test different angles and such things. Sugar Rush is the world where most of Wreck-It Ralph takes place, so they obviously had to get the details down.

Disney’s visual development artist Brittney Lee made the entire Sugar Rush starting land out of real candy. Yes, real candy. This is actually part concept design, and the team will focus and hone in on things they like and don’t life. Usually, Lee makes these little models out paper. This time, because Sugar Rush is primarily made of candy, she made it using real candy.

Just look at this thing! It’s wonderful! I wish I were talented enough to build a little town out of candy. And really, could you imagine what she could do with gingerbread houses?

The art comes from a book called The Art of Wreck-It Ralph. You can check out the rest of Lee’s work, who happens to have started drawing Disney characters at age four, on her blog. [via Movies.com]

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