Disney Announces STAR WARS: REBELS, New Animated Series Focusing On Jedi Knight Extermination

This sounds better than the cancelled Clone Wars

When Star Wars: The Clone Wars was cancelled fans lost their shit. However, it was just a matter of time until Disney and LucasFilm announced a brand new Star Wars animated series that took place outside of the Star Wars prequels, which – by the way – I believe Disney is trying to distance themselves from in as many ways as possible.


Star Wars: Rebels is going to take place in between Episode III and Episode IV, a time period that spans almost 30 years, and focus on the Empire exerting its grip on the entire galaxy while hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights. Except for Obi Wan, who runs off to Tatooine with Baby Luke.

Who’s making the show? Dave Filoni, who headed up The Clone Wars. He’s not by himself either as he’s bringing on much of his Clone Wars buddies along with Simon Kinberg, who is consulting on the new movie and working on a spin-off film.

Most exciting, perhaps, is that the art style is going to based on Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Wars art and concept art. He’s the guy who is responsible for the look of most of the films and his work is consistently amazing. Sadly, he’s passed on but it’s good to see that the next generation will use his work as groundwork.

The series is set to debut in Fall 2014, about six months before we see Episode VII. [Star Wars]

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