Did you know that Peter Jackson made cameos in the Lord of the Rings films?


I’d venture to say that the Lord of the Rings was THE film series of the 2000s. Each film was great and the finale, The Return of the Kings, was breathtaking. But did you know that the director of these films, Peter Jackson, not only directed them but appeared in the films in cameo roles?

He’s actually in all three films, and you probably wouldn’t have noticed him at all. Here’s regular Peter Jackson, during the filming of the trilogy:

Now here’s him in The Fellowship of the Ring. He’s a soaked dude in Bree. The hobbits are looking for the Prancing Pony and he walks by. He was supposed to be smoking a pipe, but Jackson was feeling sick so he opted for a carrot. Nice choice.

In The Two Towers he’s a valiant soldier of Rohan, throwing a spear with some tenacity at Orcs assaulting Helm’s Deep. This is also how Jackson must have threatened grips and assistants who didn’t do their jobs.

And finally, in Return of the King, he’s a corsar on the ship that Aragorn stops. He even gets shot with an arrow from Legolas! Don’t mind the red arrow, that’s pointing at Director of Photography Andrew Lesnie.

See? Directors can have subdued cameos in their films that practically no one would remember. Of course, there are always guys like M. Night Shyamalan who turn their cameos into full roles. [via fantasiadomain]


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