David O. Russell wanted Zooey Deschanel and Vince Vaughn for Silver Linings Playbook

One of the best parts of Silver Linings Playbook are the excellent performances from both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. If director David O. Russell had his way we wouldn’t have witnessed either.

That version of Silver Linings Playbook was in the works before he made The Fighter. Then it got stuck in development hell and emerged as the glorious movie we now have. I’m sure a Silver Linings Playbook with Vaughn and Deschanel would be considerably worse. I like Deschanel, but she’s not as good as Lawrence. And really, Vaughn would have speed-talked his way through the film.

Of course, this could all be a PR move to make Cooper and Lawrence’s performances appear to be better than they are, which isn’t too necessary since they’re both spectacular. [Huffington Post via Vulture]

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