Dailies 5/31/12: Dark Knight Hotdog, Christian Bale biography and more

Today we got the first trailer for The Bourne Legacy. And yes, Matt Damon is in it. In a photo at least.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer has been remade a million times, but the latest version includes hotdogs. Yes, hotdogs.

The Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale, recently revealed that Leo DiCaprio beat him out for roles in both Titanic and American Psycho. Of course, Bale eventually got the starring role in American Psycho.

This story behind documentary The Imposter is pretty psycho. A kid went missing and then years later he re-appears with totally different hair and eyes, and his family didn’t even bat an eye.

And then you have this: a sex tape played during a graduation ceremony. Whoops.

Whoops, Steven Spielberg is re-editing guns back into E.T. for the Blu Ray release AFTER he took them out and replaced them with walkie talkies.

The move was inspired by his friend George Lucas, who is now retiring from LucasFilm to make experimental films in his garage. 


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