Dailies 4/11/12: Kristen Stewart art, Jennifer Lawrence hates PETA, Joe Pesci’s hitman-hiring ex and more


The biggest movie in the world right now is The Hunger Games. Everyone and their dog is seeing it (note: dogs aren’t allowed in most movie theaters). So naturally the issue of director Gary Ross returning to direct the sequel Catching Fire is on most people’s minds. Guess what, he doesn’t want to do it because he wants more time to work on it. Oh well, I suppose he can wait for the re-release in 10 years.

That brings us to the 3D mega re-release of Titanic. If you’ve seen the 3D version you know that you can feel the cold atlantic air hitting your face. OK, not really, but if you thought Titanic was a great way to learn about what happened to the ship you’re wrong. See, Mr. Perfectionist James Cameron changed the way the ship sank so you could watch more of Jack and Rose trying to fight against the odds. 

The odds were definitely in the favor of Caine, a genius 9-year-old who made his own cardboard arcade and had the benefit of a viral campaign getting people to play his little games. Seriously, the kid is so smart that he has different pricing structures.

What do you think the pricing structures are like for hitmen? Joe Pesci’s ex-wife had hired one to knock off her ex-husband, who happened to be a stuntman. Only Pesci’s life could be as interesting as the mob movies he starred in.

Pesci may have done some voice acting for that early 90s Pink Panther cartoon, but he never made a career of it like these wonderful voice actors in this great-looking documentary. Seriously, can you believe that Tara Strong can do the voices of both girls and guys? It’s amazing.

Just like it’s amazing that Joss Whedon has the ability to tell stories for both girls and guys. The dude can go off and make Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and then direct The Avengers. Oh, and he wrote some of the best X-Men comics ever.

I think Jennifer Lawrence happens to be in the best X-Men movie of them all, by the way. First Class is that damn good. She owes it all to her breakthrough role in Winter’s Bone, where she skinned a squirrel. Not for real though, she wanted PETA to know that and also for them to know that she hates PETA. 

Does PETA think Alvin and the Chipmunks and Hop are cruelty to animals? Because it’s definitely cruel to allow a human adult to watch them. The director of those two films says his new movie, a Short Circuit remake, will make Johnny 5 more threatening. I vote for adding a bad-ass beard to Johnny.

Hey, it worked for these characters. These are easily the most bad-ass and best beards in the history of film. As you can see, the great Gandalf is in the center of the awesome poster. Easily one of the best beard’s in film, and it came in two colors! White or grey! If only he could instill Frodo with some of that manliness.

Although Michel Gondry did turn Elijah Wood into a pretty big dick in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now he’s turning old cars into new retro-future cars that look absolutely amazing. Gondry is an eccentric guy though, so it’s not surprising his movie would have that.

Doc Brown is an eccentric guy and he made an awesome looking retro-future car too! The Back to the Future DeLorean works in the past, in the future, in the present and even in silent film mode! It’s always nice when someone takes something from the movies and does more with it.

Like this dude, who curates art based on Kristen Stewart for no reason other than he’s curious why she looks so tired all the time. Good sir, you would be tired all the time too if you bit your lip a bunch and were hounded by Twilight fans.


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