Critics: Identity Thief is a terrible, terrible movie that’ll steal away two hours

I haven’t seen Identity Thief yet, but right now I don’t want to go near it. At all. Shameless ego-plugging: Back when the trailer debuted I was skeptical. The film looked boring and uninspired. And guess what? It looks like it’s boring and uninspired. So let’s take a roll through the critics, who absolutely hated this movie.

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Bob Mondello of NPR:

Electronic identity theft offers a host of new possibilities, and to have almost none of them explored by writer Craig Mazin and director Seth Gordon in this uninspired trudge of a road movie is the biggest waste of all.

Christy Lemire of AP:

”Identity Thief” strands these two ordinarily enjoyable comics in the middle of nowhere with no help for miles.

Stephen Whitty of New Jersey Star-Ledger:

The whole thing’s not much of anything, really – just a little more than an hour-and-a-half of crude jokes and clumsy plotting, all wrapped up with a feel-good ribbon at the end.

Moira MacDonald of Seattle Times:

“Identity Thief” is mostly noteworthy for reminding us that McCarthy’s talents can, indeed, carry a comedy. It’s too bad that it had to be this one.

Richard Roeper for Roger Ebert:

Whether it’s aiming for cringe-inducing laughs or trying to score the big emotional payoff, “Identity Thief” is a cheap copy of much better comedies. Here’s hoping someone finds a much better vehicle for these terrifically talented actors.

Ann Hornaday of Washington Post:

What a bummer.

All right. So it’s terrible, but is it funny? If you’re into crude jokes and either Melissa McCarthy or Jason Batemen then probably. There’s nothing here that’s going to set your world on fire. If you really want a comedy to enjoy you’re better off renting something. It may – possibly – make for a good night out with friends. Probably not $10 worth though. I’d advise skipping this one.

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