Bruce Lee Has Come Back To Life To Sell Johnnie Walker


Bruce Lee passed away nearly 40 years ago, and here we are in 2013 seeing him resurrected to sell us alcohol. This is similar to what happened earlier this year with Audrey Hepburn. Except that she was resurrected to sell chocolate candy bars.

It rubbed me the wrong way then and it rubs me the wrong way now. Whether it’s a respectful portrayal or not, it seems wrong to resurrect someone merely to sell a a brand. I can understand if you want to sell their work because these people are icons for a reason. Their work will last through time and, really, everyone should see a Bruce Lee or Audrey Hepburn movie.

But I can’t stand behind this stuff. These companies are obviously using the iconic status of these people to sell their products. I don’t care if the families are involved either, because they really should know better. Although I bet a lot of these companies arrive with big paychecks and promises to honor the person in question.

Really, it says a lot about us as a culture that we can even consider using a dead person to sell something. Am I being too sensitive about this or do you agree? [via Mashable]

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