Britney Spears is going to make a Bollywood movie

Remember Crossroads? It was that Britney Spears movie where her and two friends go on some kind of road trip. It pretty much insured that Spears’ film career wouldn’t take off. It’s a shame, but at least it opened a door to Bollywood 10 years later, right?

Film producer Sadanandan Lucsam has announced that Spears has signed on for her Bollywood movie. So, what will Britney do in this movie? What kind of role will she play?

“Britney’s song is an integral part of the film. She sings and dances to the title track of the movie, which is a peppy number and will be shot lavishly. It will be a proper Hindi number with some good English lines as well, to make it universal in its appeal.”

Oh. So she’s just going to… sing a song and dance. This isn’t a new thing though. Kylie Minogue signed on to perform a song in the film Blue while Akon was the music director (and sung songs in Hindi) for sci fi movie Ra.One.

And really, Bollywood makes so many movies that include music and dancing that it’s a huge market for singers and dancers that American music stars will eventually move over for some extra money. [Times of India]


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