Brad Pitt will be The Gray Man in a new POV assassin thriller

Assassin thriller movies have become a bit stale recently. Take, for example, one of Brad Pitt’s upcoming movies The Gray Man.

The film is based on a book and is about an ex-CIA agent who turns assassin and has to save his handler and his handler’s family after multinational corporations start targeting him.

You know what that needs? Lot’s and lot’s of Point of View shots. That’s right, director James Gray says that he wants to shoot the movie entirely from Pitt’s character’s view. How would he do this? Well, he specifically mentioned We Own The Night’s car chase scene in which the whole thing pretty much uses Joaquin Phoenix’s POV. It’s posted below for reference. [Variety via The Playlist]

We Own The Night [ La Nuit Nous Appartient ] -… by ESENJI

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