Big Ass Spider Trailer: The best B-Movie of 2013?

The South by Southwest Festival, also known as SXSW, just wrapped up in Austin, Texas. One of the major components of SXSW is its film festival. One of the movies that debuted at that festival was Big Ass Spider.

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s about a pair of exterminators that have to deal with a… big ass spider.  See, the military has failed in defeating this tarantulan terror, so they get caught up in this whole fiasco. This is a B-Movie through and through.


The film actually debuted to good reviews, despite what you may think of it. That’s what happens when you make a movie that’s an ode to old monster movies and you forego realism for bat-shit fun.

The Hollywood Reporter points out its tongue-in-cheek nature:

Though it’s tongue-in-cheek from the start, the pic gets some legit scares in while the superbug is still small enough to skitter through air ducts and lurk in dark corners. Soon the story segues into a gorier version of ’50s drive-in fare, with the spider terrorizing a park and attacking Los Angeles locations like the U.S. Bank Tower. (Take that, Empire State Building.)

Shock Till You Drop also had fun:

Still, those problems aside, Big Ass Spider is fun enough, evoking the ridiculous monster movies of previous years. It will never be great on any scale, but it is knows what it is and that is fun to watch.

TwitchFilm mentions how funny the movie is:

The comic pairing of Grunberg and Boyar also works wonders. As an exterminator and a security guard, they mock themselves mercilessly, and their breezy style matches the tone of the movie as a whole, in which mirth and mayhem are equal partners.

So there you go, if you’re in need for some B-Movie fun then keep an eye out for Big Ass Spider. It doesn’t have a release date, but it’s hard not to see it releasing on VOD services like iTunes before the end of the year.

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