Be prepared: The Avengers may have a bigger opening weekend than The Hunger Games or The Dark Knight

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Don’t you hate when you go to a movie theater but find out parking is crammed and there are people everywhere? And then you finally find a spot and you go into the theater but find out the line for your showing (if you got tickets) is longer than the Great Wall of China? Yeah, it sucks.

So here’s a public service announcement: The Avengers is on track to have bigger opening weekends than both The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Dark Knight scored $158 million and The Hunger Games $152 million. They are the number two and three openings of all time. Pre-release tracking is a way for studios to get an idea of how a movie is doing so they can ramp up or ramp down advertising. I don’t see Marvel and Disney slowing down though. They may want to go for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s record-breaking opening of $170 million.

But really, be prepared. Buy your tickets on Fandango, leave a little earlier, head into the theater earlier. Let’s break into the tracking numbers below. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Unaided Awareness

The Avengers – 13%

The Hunger Games – 11%

The Dark Knight – 10%

Total Awareness

The Avengers – 85%

The Dark Knight – 76%

The Hunger Games – 74%

Definite Interest

The Dark Knight – 62%

The Avengers – 61%

The Hunger Games – 54%