Alamo Drafthouse Debuts Awesome New BEFORE MIDNIGHT-Inspired Don’t Talk/Don’t Text PSA


One of the more annoying parts of going to a CineMark or AMC theater is their condescending or dumb “No Talking, No Texting” PSAs. Especially CineMarks, which basically treats you like a kid in a classroom with a stern, almost douchey voice laid on top. It’s terrible and doesn’t grab anyone’s attention. It doesn’t solve the problem at all.

Alamo Drafthouse, however, has found a way to make these PSAs fun to watch and effective. Their Voicemail ad is still hilarious and effective, as is their James Franco one. Their latest is inspired by Before Midnight, which is the follow up to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

They got stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy to have some fun in telling someone in the theater to stop talking and texting so that their performances can be fully appreciated. It’s fun, and it’s something other theaters don’t do.

Please take note, AMC and CineMark. This is how you do those boring PSAs. [via Slate]

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