Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin are going to star in a movie together


Al Pacino and Christopher Walken have voices and talking styles that are so distinct that almost every comedian has an impression of one of them in their arsenal. Hell, even regular people spend their time doing a Walken or Pacino impression to make their friends laugh.

Now you’ll be able to see both of them in the same film, along with Alan Arkin, who isn’t just some guy. The movie is called Stand Up Guys, it was called Old Timers, and it’s about a trio aging hit men who spend a night on the town after they’re all tasked with killing one of their best friends.

Fisher Stevens, who directed Academy Award winning documentary The Cove, is attached to direct this picture. The screenplay is by first time feature film writer Noah Haidle, he had previously written shorts. That isn’t overwhelming at all for this duo. Just write for/direct three legends.

If that duo can pull it off, imagine entire dialogues that people would mock in Walken and Pacino voices. It would be beautiful, and oh so disturbing. [THR via ComingSoon]

[Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson / Brian To / Joseph Marzullo / WENN]

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