Swiftfilm is a movie website brought to you by passion. We do it because we love to talk entertainment, specifically movies. And we strive to bring your our unbridled joy or our deepest misgivings about each and every movie we talk about. It could be a movie that’s coming out in a year or a movie that released three years ago, but we promise to bring you our unfiltered, well-thought out opinons each and every time.

And there will be nothing getting in the way of that.

Our Reviews

The reviews at Swiftfilm are built upon the things we learned from reading Roger Ebert’s reviews growing up: We enter each film as objective as humanly possible, although we realize that films are organic things that use human experience to achieve their goals. We determine the value of the movie by what it wants to be, not what we want it to be. For instance, we’re not going to assume that GI Joe Retaliation is going to have some amazing narrative, but we will judge it as an action film compared to other action films.

The Swiftfilm Show

Our podcast, The Swiftfilm Show, is our weekly movie review show where three of us get together to discuss the latest big release. We review the movie and usually go off on a tangent about a specific type of film, the careers of certain filmmakers, the history of cinema and more. We have a pretty good time making it and we sincerely hope you enjoy listening to us. You can check us out on iTunes.

The Crew

Husain Sumra – Editor in Chief

Donovan Farnham – Contributing Editor/The Swiftfilm Show Host

Jon Xavier – Contributing Film Critic

Marlon Maloney – Contributing TV Editor

Salman Haqqi – Contributing Writer

Jennifer Hadley – Contributing Writer

Amaris Dominguez – Contributing Writer

Eric Van Susteren – Contributing Writer

Rachel Peterson – Contributing Designer