A Whole Bunch Of Movies Mocked By Mystery Science Theater 3000 Are Getting Remakes


Any movie fan worth their salt knows what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is – it’s a show where some funny guys sit down and watch a classic drive-in 50’s B movie and mock it to hell. It’s wonderful.

One of the companies that supplied MST3K with those terribly awesome movies is American International Pictures, with movies like The She-Creature, Teenage Caveman, Viking Woman and the Sea Serpent, The Undead and War of the Colossal Beast. But how did these movies even get made?


Well, AIP’s Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson – in the 1950’s – put together a bunch of focus groups with American teenagers and asked them what they wanted in a movie. They took their ideas, threw them together into messy plots and filmed them. The idea was to get the crazy teenagers to watch them because, ya know, kids will watch anything. Especially at drive-ins while all teens really want is some sexy time fun. This is why studios should never, ever listen to focus groups by the way. People have no clue what they want until they get it.

As noted by The AV Club, that thinking is going into the remakes – except with social media. Samuel Arkoff’s son Lou explained:

“We are now using that independent spirit and our library of classic titles to create something brand-new for the modern media model, with a coordinated social effort to accelerate interest in these properties.”

It sounds as if the majority of these new movies will be available online. Basically, they’re hoping that clueless teenagers who are obsessed with sex and don’t know what they want come to watch their movies. Sadly, this could actually work if they market it right. We live in a world where teenage girls will shit themselves over Twilight and watch it, then head to Twitter to proclaim it to be an amazing movie.

All I know is that this means we’ll get more Mystery Science Theater in 40 years. [Deadline via AV Club]

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