10 GIFs to help you celebrate the end of Twilight

The Twilight franchise comes to an end this weekend (for now). For many, Twilight was a minor nuisance that didn’t alter their lives. It was just kind of there and you heard about a film series that was boring and terrible making lots and lots of money. For others, you were subjected to hours upon hours of the franchise because of a significant other. I’m so sorry. This is for you. It’s a celebration of terrible. A ceremony of torture. This is how we say good bye to Twilight.

Well, until Summit Entertain reboots the franchise or creates some weird spin-off featuring a Jacob and Renesmee (the daughter of Edward and Bella).

Here’s Edward from the first Twilight movie. I don’t know what he’s looking at, but he sure got excited.

When I first saw Edward and Bella jet off into the forest I laughed. It just looked so ridiculous. Obviously Eddy and Bell got some alone time though, so there’s that.

Oh man, remember when you first found out that Twilight’s vampires sparkled? That has to be the moment when anyone willing to give Twilight a chance threw up their hands in a collective WTF. And then there was laughter. Sparkle away, Edward. Sparkle away.

Edward sure does love getting humped.

If you had to choose the coolest thing from the franchise, it would probably be the GIANT ASS WOLVES. Until you realize that this is how the actors interact with the GIANT ASS WOLVES.

Hold on. Still laughing at the above GIF. Oh man. OK. The most absurd sex scene of all time.

And then Bella got pregnant… by way of sperm that was thousands of years old… vampire sperm, if you will. But what if she got something else?

Hey look, Kristen Stewart showing emotion! I think? Maybe she’s dancing? Or she’s got a real bad itch. I can’t really tell.

The baby has been born! And … Jacob? WTF, dude. I present to you — a pedophile werewolf.


And there you go. The 10 GIFs to help you celebrate the end of Twilight. It’s been a long time coming. I’m sorry if you sat through all of the movies and didn’t enjoy them. If you enjoyed them, that’s great. And remember everyone, Jacob farted.

[GIFs from fuckyeahtwilightsucks]




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